Singing from the Core Day Retreat

Dorset, DT6 Burton Bradstock
May 08 2021 18:00 - 20:00
Tickets GBP 115.00
Tickets GBP 115.00

“I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.” – Rumi

About the Singing from the Core Workshop

There is a power to people singing together.  Expression of the voice is emancipating.  When we sing, we connect with our innate true being.  Our voice taps at our soul.  We breathe more deeply.  We become unblocked.  We feel lifted.  We are inspired. 

When we sing with others, we start from the same place.  Irrespective of any previous practise or experience.  We might not have sung since being in school or we might sing all the time in the shower.  We might have big, confident voices; we might have small, shy voices.  Regardless, we provide support for one another using each of our voices, raising ourselves and raising each other.  Finding one another.  Connecting and relating.  All through the power of voice and song.

This workshop is open to all.  Men and women alike of all ages from 18+.  

Working holistically - using breathing techniques, movement and meditations to deepen our practise - we will improvise, play with sounds and sing heart-healing songs.

We will sing for joy.  Sing to let go.  Sing to build confidence.  Sing to Live Again.

About Melissa James
I am a professional singer, performer, songwriter and creator of a charitable singing initiative - SING4SANE - which aims to bring together people who have an understanding of mental health.  Since staging the first Big Sing event in February 2016 which saw me invite members of the public to join me in a pop-up performance of my song, "Live Again", I have held many singing workshops and group singing events, some of which have resulted in participants performing with me on stage.  A Big Sing recording of Live Again was made in the summer of 2016.  All sale proceeds from this recording go to the mental health charity SANE.

This Singing from the Core workshop combines elements gained from attending a shorter singing workshop with some of those practises incorporated in a longer singing retreat.  I encourage deep breathing techniques, light and simple yoga stretches/exercises and meditations to help with the process of relaxing and opening your voice and your heart to singing.   

Learn more about SINGSANE and Live Again via the below promo video:

Watch the SING4SANE music video for Live Again in full:

About the Venue
Bride Valley Studio is a light, spacious retreat in a very quiet spot with fields on three sides.  It is located about a mile from Burton Bradstock and Hive Beach.  The studio is a pet-free, timber-framed new build using natural materials and paints.  There is space for movement and yoga practises.

The venue
Inside the Studio
Burton Bradstock, Dorset
The venue, Burton Bradstock
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Singing from the Core Day Retreat

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