Shoot for the Moon 1 Day Workshop

Nov 30 2019 10:00 - 17:00

The Hampshire Hog, 225-227 King St, W6 9JT London

Are you new to the entrepreneur world? 
Do you have a hobby or skill or craft that makes you forget where the time goes?
Do you often wonder if you could make a living from it?
Have you been around a while but you feel like you didn’t set up your systems correctly in the beginning and you’re paying for it now?
Do you feel overwhelmed by all the things that need doing as a business owner?

Fast forward through a bunch of common mistakes and obstacles when thinking of setting up your own business by joining this all-day workshop which will help you figure out what you want to do and how to do it.

Chapter 1 Let’s Get Started
Current Vs. Ideal Day
My Dream Work Day
Goal and Intention Setting Overwhelm-Busting To-Do List

Chapter 2 Wellbeing
The Challenges of the Entrepreneur Life
Peer Support
Setting Your Work Hours
Establishing an Inspiring Work Space
Building Self-Care Tool Kit
Dealing with Impostor Syndrome
Flood the Bad Habits with Good

Chapter 3 Branding
Building your Brand
Brand Statement
Origin Story
Branding Guide

Chapter 4 Marketing
Which Social Media and How
Social Media Content Planner
Social Media Conversation Starters
Holiday! Celebrate!
Facebook Groups Containing Your Ideal Customer
Email Nurture Sequences

Chapter 5 Money, Money, Money
Changing Financial Situation Spreading the Bills
Minimum Viable Earnings
Products and Services
Pricing Structure

CHAPTER 6 Creating Habits
Steps to Setting Up a Business
Tech I Love
Creating a Workflow
Freelancers You Need to Hire Sooner Than You Think
Scheduling Weekly and Monthly Tasks

The Highlight of the Day: The workshop will end with each person taking the hotseat to combat their current obstacles with their peers.

Dee Safieh is the Queen of the Spreadsheets, managing Operations and Events for multiple companies and charities for over 15 years. Dee has spent much of her life in the charity sector, as a fundraiser for humanitarian and development projects in Palestine. Most recently she was working for J.Nichole Smith Ltd, helping entrepreneurs build brands that matter. Previous to that, she was working with St John, fundraising for their hospitals and clinics in Jerusalem and Gaza. She has a frenchie called Lola, a little terror of a cat called Butters (yes, as in from South Park) and has recently adopted a blind, disabled, overweight snake called Bumblebee.