Set Piece Competitive Duet with Teacher Class

Jun 10 2018 09:00 - 20:00

Kingsdale Foundation School, Alleyn Park, SE21 8SQ London

The 7th annual Dulwich Music Festival piano competition is adjudicated by Nancy Litten and takes place at Kingsdale Foundation School in West Dulwich.

Set Piece Competitive Duet with Teacher Class: This class is ideal for pianists that have been learning for less than two years and have not yet achieved a level equivalent to Grade 1. All pianists receive a certificate and feedback from the adjudicator. The winner of the class receives a trophy and medal. Medals will be awarded to runners up depending on the number of entries received.

Repertoire: Choose any one duet from Rosa Conrad's Delightfully Easy Piano Duets Vol. 2.

Timetable: The schedule for the day will be released on May 19th 2018. Beginner & Early Learner classes will be scheduled towards the start of the day. You do not need to stay for the full day.

Conditions of Entry:
All entrants will need to agree to the following terms at the time of entry:
By submitting this entry form I confirm that on behalf of the competitor(s) I have read and accept the Dulwich Music Festival Regulations. I can also confirm that for all competitor(s) under 18 (or vulnerable adults of any age) I give (or have obtained) the necessary consents for the competitor(s) to take part in the Festival. I understand that all tickets booked are non-refundable.


GBP 12.50

Audience (adult)

GBP 10.00

Audience (child)

GBP 5.00 + GBP 0.69 fee