Sensory Flavour Tour

Jul 21 2018 14:00 - 16:00

Crofton Park Railway Garden, Marnock Road, SE4 1ET London

We are pleased to partner with Flavour Sense to deliver interactive 'Sensory Flavour Tour' on the day to tie in with the planned 'sensory garden' design transformation works due to commence this Autumn.

Join and explore how our senses inform and influence our perception of food and flavour.

You will discover what the shape of 'sour' is; and what the 'happiest' fruit is; and how our sense of taste is affected by our sense of sound and touch! This truly immersive sensory journey will amplify your appreciation of the taste experience. You will never see food in the same way again!

Due to limited space, please join one of the two time slots. Suitable for any age. Families welcome, but children must be accompanied by guardians/parents. Please ask on the day for any food allergy information.
Please note the cost contribution paid on the day is kept to a minimum to allow more people to enjoy this experience and only goes some way towards covering the cost of the event. We are fundraising for the landscape transformation works at the garden, so any additional donations you are able to make on the day, not obligatory, but very welcome.


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