Seminar-Workshop For Men 18-30 y.o.

May 19 2018 11:00 - 14:00

NW8 9TH, London NW8 9TH, NW8 9TH London

The Manhood Master

Do you want to take a total control of your vital energy called sexual energy?

Do you want to be a master of your physical body?

Do want to increase the day-to-day energy by using your sexual energy rightly?

Do you want to become a confident man?

Do you want never experience any sexual problems in your life?

3 hours spending with me will open your eyes on things you would never find out. Like many men you was not taught these things. No parents, no teacher, no doctors teach men how to deal with a very powerful energy in their bodies which sometimes create a lot of tension and lead a man to wrong usage of this energy and harmful sexual behaviour as well as to sexual problems and dysfunctions.

I am a woman, yes. And I have been training men for about 20 years. Look at my website: I have developed techniques of self-balancing and self-control for men which proven working. I want to teach them to you.

Men-teaches often cannot see how other men can feel and sense. I am a woman who dedicated herself to help men in a real way, not just by words. Trust me!

The Seminar-Workshop is your vital training. I strongly believe that every man has to obtain this skill of being “a powerful king in his manhood kingdom”.

So, mastering these very powerful and effective techniques you can live in harmony and balance day-to-day with the partner or without the partner. You will be confident that your sexual energy will serve you when you need it.

I invite you to my home in a very cosy atmosphere. The group will be very small, only 5 to 8 men. Everyone will have chance to ask questions and to share thoughts. Two things will empower your new discovery and help you to think outside of your box: a sense of sharing your experiences with other men and a female view on male sexuality expressed by myself.

Sexuality is a very delicate and intimate subject. I am very delicate teacher. My method to teach is very intimate and so effective.

Nobody offers such a amazing help to men. I know that most men are searching for many answers.

Do not miss a chance to be helped!

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