Seminar WISE BEAUTY in London

Mar 04 2018 16:00 - 19:00

For the Core, 11 Pearson St, E2 8JD London

Wise beauty is an educational seminar for woman and anyone, who wants to learn how to read cosmetics labels, to know more about cosmetics ingredients and learn how to choose the right skin care products valuating their components rather than beautiful package or scent.

Seminar lecturer Indrė Urbanavičienė - lithuanian author of the book "Wise Beauty: Shining Skin Biblia", author of educational articles on skin care, beauty treatments, cosmetics ingredients and the founder of Driu Beauty Wise cosmetics, lithuanian skin care products brand which combines natural ingredients and substances of synthetic origin required for the right daily skin care.

These are very high quality, exclusive cosmetic products adapted to the european climate, only scientific research-based, human skin beneficial ingredients are used in these cosmetics. Ingredients that cause allergic reactions and irritate skin are not used. The ingredients presented in the composition are intended to maintain perfect skin condition, protect it against environmental impact and slow down aging processes, as well as wrinkle formation.

More about Driu beauty:

During the event, 10 GBP from the price can be used to purchase Driu beauty products

Ticket - two persons

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