Self Care Self Love Retreat 2019 Autumn

Sep 21 2019 10:15 - 17:30

Essendon Village Hall, School Ln, AL9 6HD Hatfield

After the heartfelt gratitude of the success of the last 2 Self Care Self Love Retreats. We will be back on 21st September 2019 in the beautiful village of Essendon in rural Hertfordshire.
The Retreat Day follows the Autumn Equinox and Full Moon. We will be looking at exploring the theme Self Compassion with all the aspects it brings and reveals to us. Helping us to realise nothing is a mistake, shortcoming or problem just lessons we are to learn to help us move forward. To be kind, accepting and honour our self.
The day allows us and to make time for Self Care and Self Love.ย 

We have an excellent line up of speakers and workshops.
To give you a preview of the day...
- River Ki, of CrowTribe is back to bring us another inspiring shamanic workshop (this has truly been a transformative journey for me.) Shamanic healing practices releases parts of us we have hidden deep down and has truly given me the courage to move forward and let go of what no longer serve me. Part of The Crow Tribe River brings together people in a community and a tribe of long forgotten connections in a special way that encompasses all. Truly Magik
- Juliette Bryant of Julietteโ€™s Kitchen is back by popular demand this time she will sharing with us, natural ways to boost and support gut health. I am ever grateful to Juliette who helped me transform my life and wellbeing, thanks to her advice and guidance when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. So excited to have her return.
- Nicky Transformational Healing Therapies. This amazing lady has helped myself and so many others work through our inner child and shadow self, taking us back to a stage in our life where blocks became part of us, our souls fragmented deep into our subconscious and helps us to release our self limiting beliefs.
- Sandra Lindon of Journey to Tranquillity. I recently became reacquainted with the wonderful Sandra at an event, when I realised we had met before at that pivotal point of my life, when my own journey of healing began. I attended a workshop she ran about Brandon Bays - The Journey, if I'm totally honest it was probably thanks to Sandra I received my spiritual awakening which opened my eyes and self to a life of wellbeing rather than depression.
-Ruth Humming Ford of Sound Hoppers. Ah Ruth the lovely, beautiful Ruth, has reconnected me with the long buried creative side of myself. The part of me who loves to sing, dance and move. The part of me who is covered up by the ego embarrassment and shame. Ruth, her passion and beautiful energy bring out joy and freedom in a way that heals us and connects us to our ancestors. Very powerful.
- Grant Wilson of Golden Paw. Grant first introduced me to me to the sacred energy of the drum, hand crafting and creating heartfelt drums. He is a kind and gentle soul who connects with both the masculine and divine feminine offers healing. He is bringing his powerful drums, sound healing and energy after last years enrapturing close to the day we are delighted he will be joining us again.
The day will be awesome, with Therapist available to book for mini treatments, a small number of selected stalls of hand crafted goods and local business you will be surrounded by likeminded souls and leave feeling truly refreshed and revitalised, energised, full of inspiration and much much more.
There are a small number of Early Bird and Concession Tickets available. And a limited number of Full Price tickets.
An event not to be missed hope you can join us ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’™
You deserve #SELFCARESELFLOVE all of the time.
With Love
Becky Bohan - The Mothers Touch xxx

Paid Ticket - Receive Gift Bag GBP 48.00 + GBP 2.78 fee
Early Saver Ticket - Receive Gift Bag SOLD OUT

River Ki - from CrowTribe

Walking the Shamanic Path

Juliette Bryant - Juliette's Kitchen

Natural Ways to boost immunity and support gut health

Nicky - Tranformational Healing Therapies

Soul Fragmentation and Integration Shadow work

Ruth Humming Ford - Soundhoppers

Song Spiral

Sandra Lindon - Journey to Tranquility

The Truth about You

Grant Wilson - Golden Paw Featuring Guests

Symphony of Sound