Seeds - saving, swapping and sowing.

Sep 28 2019 14:00 - 16:00

Outdoor Classroom, St Agnes Gate, Victoria Park, E9 7HR London

Seeds have been on earth for 400 million years.  They form 70% of our diet and include staples such as bread, rice, oil and noodles.  Increasingly, though, we are dependent on a smaller range of seeds and many are developed now in ways that mean gardeners are unable to save and sow them.  This means that the varieties we have access to become limited and we lose our power to produce seeds that are suited to our local conditions.  One in five varieties is threatened with extinction. In this free workshop (for Tower Hamlets and Hackney residents. Others please give a donation) we'll look at seed-saving - how to do it and when.  We'll swap seeds we've grown ourselves to widen the bank available to us and we'll sow some seeds ready for spring.  We'll be joined by Helene of the London Freedom Seed Bank to tell us why saving our own seeds is so important - and powerful. 

The Outdoor Classroom is a few metres from the St Agnes Gate entrance to Victoria Park, Gore Rd.  The postcode is for the community centre next door.