Saving the Season

Sep 15 2018 09:00 - 12:00

The Culpeper, Commercial Street 40, E1 6LP London

Come and learn how to keep the fresh flavours of summer throughout the year by drying, pickling and preserving your garden produce in this practical workshop at PICULPEPER.

Guests will learn a variety of traditional preservation techniques in this hands-on workshop, utilising the produce growing next to them on the rooftop - all skills that you can continue to develop at home.

The workshop will finish with a tasting session and lunch cooked using produce grown on the rooftop.


As the summer weather makes cucumbers grow abundantly on the roof, we’ll be serving up the big ones and preserving the little ones in brine to bring joy to the winter months. Across cocktails, dishes and workshops, the modest pickle will be elevated to a new height. Quite literally as we also unveil The Culpeper’s resident gherkin at the bow of the pub – a totem to celebrate the power of the pickle in physical form for all of East London to see.

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