Sattva Front Body Workshop

Jan 21 2017 14:30 - 16:30

TripSpace Projects TripKitchen&Bar TripYoga TripDance, Railway Arch 339-340, Acton Mews, E8 4EA Haggerston

Join Ashley for an Introduction to Sattva Yoga.

This 2 hour workshop will cover intention setting, explanation of lines of awareness that are used to deepen the yoga asana (physical/posture) practice, alignment of key postures and questions and answers. Ashley will guide students through 75 minutes of strong asana practice including exploration of inversions and arm balances, guided savasana (rest), pranayama (breathing) and dharana/dyana (concentration/meditation)

Sattva Yoga:

Sattva yoga is a dynamic Hatha yoga practice, home grown from Western Canada by its founder, Rameen Peyrow. Combining physical asana practice with both breathing (pranayama) and meditation allows the practitioner to tap in to their inspired potential and create a focal point for further spiritual exploration. When we ask “who am I? and why am I here?” we create space to facilitate a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection with our environment.


Investment per workshop: £25

For more information on Sattva Yoga please visit:

2 Hour Workshop

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