Sacred Family Constellations & Rituals

Nov 23 2019 10:00 - Nov 24 2019 17:00

Hapimag Resort Edinburgh, 7 Rothesay Terrace, EH3 7RY Edinburgh

On the 23rd and 24th of November, Jolanda Marks will be facilitating a weekend of family constellations.

A family constellation is another way of looking at the life themes you are dealing with at this moment. A constellation starts with a specific question from the client. After a short interview with the facilitator, the client chooses representatives from the group for everyone involved in the situation (mother, father, brother etc). Following an inner knowledge, the client places all the representatives in the energy field. In an apparently a magical way, the representatives will have access to the feelings and observations of the people they represent. The facilitator works in a respectful and loving way with the representatives to find a solution for the problem in a way which allows the natural flow of love to find its course again.

There are 3 different ways to participate in this weekend:

  1. By posing your own personal question (client). £ 120,- 
  2. By registering as a representative for the constellations of others. £ 80,-
  3. By being present as a witness and holding the field. £ 80,-

All participants are equally important to the constellation and all will receive healing for the personal challenges on their life's journey. No skills are needed to participate. Just bring yourself and open up to a new experience!

Note: You are not meant to bring your family members with you to the weekend. What we work with is the energy of the field- they do not need to be present.

When: 23 & 24 November 2019

Where: 7 Rothesay Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 7RY, UK

Time: 10.00 - 17.00 on both days

Thee and coffee will be provided. Please bring your own lunch (there are no kitchen facilities).

Jolanda is a psychotherapist with a background in the practice of shamanism. Her private practice is based in Amsterdam. During the past couple of years she has been working under the guidance of Phyllida Anam-aire in an in-depth exploration of Celtic Consciousness and she has recently  become an Initiate of Brigid. In her work Jolanda integrates family constellations into her therapy which often leads to surprising new insights. Whatever seemed to be stuck can begin to flow again and life may find an altogether new direction. In the past few years she has been integrating her experiences and this continually evolving work has now taken the form of Sacred Family Constellation Rituals.