Russian folk music concert

Mar 03 2017 19:00 - 20:45

RACC , Parkshot TW9 2RE Richmond United Kingdom, TW9 2RE London


Enjoy the wonderful concert of Russian folk music on evening of Friday, 3d of March. Performing are passionate player and balalaika collector Bibs Ekkel and his trio. This event was two times part of city festival Maslenitsa supported by the Mayor of London and on both occasions SOLD OUT.

About musician:

Bibs Ekkel is regarded as one of the foremost balalaika players in the West - a fact which, along with his being entirely self-taught, makes him something of a celebrity in Russia, where he is regularly invited to perform. His style elevates the balalaika to the stature of concert instrument while never losing close ties with the instrument’s rustic heritage. He has entertained Royalty as well as ordinary folk in a long career covering concerts, cabaret, recordings, films, radio and T.V. appearances in Europe, Russia, Poland, China, the Middle East, the US and Canada.

Bibs Ekkel also plays the Russian 3-string domra, piano, guitar and Russian button accordion and, being a fluent Russian and Polish speaker, has worked as translator, advisor and actor in a number of films. He is also the author of a published comprehensive Tutor for his beloved instrument as well as a songbook for his other passion – Russian Gypsy songs.

Records include: “Blue Skies of Russia” – Russkiy Disk and “The Romantic Sound of the Balalaika” – Decca. Recorded film soundtracks: "Onegin" (with Ralph Fiennes), “Enemy at the Gates”, “The Lost Prince”, “Eastern Promises”. He has performed as soloist at the prestigious Tchaikovsky Hall and Hall of Columns in Moscow, Elton John’s Charity Ball, Last Night of the Proms (accompanying singer Dmitrii Khvorostovsky) and the Andreyev Folk Festival, Vyshnii Volochek, Russia.

7:00 pm evening opening, concert in two parts
Come with friends, share the fun!


Вечер русской музыки от Urban Events традиционно собирает любителей жанра фолк и романс. Два года подряд этот концерт входил в программу городской Масленицы. Это концерт виртуоза балалаечника Бибса Эккеля, одного из лучших мировых иностранцев-исполнителей в своем жанре. Прекрасные живые звуки балалайки, жалейки, трещеток, баяна, гармошки и ложек в душевных песнях не оставят никого равнодушным.

Бибс Эккель веселый британец, прекрасно говорящий по-русски. Весь дом его увешан старинными инструментами, он их коллекционирует, некоторым балалайкам по 100 лет. Бибс жил какое-то время в России, где учился у мэтров музыки, его часто приглашают играть в кино и на телевидении, когда речь идет о балалайке. Музыка в его исполнении звучала во множестве фильмов: например, Онегин, Принцесса Анастасия (Дисней), Большой куш (Гай Ричи) и других. Он выступал вместе с Дмитрием Хворостовским на закрытии известных The Proms.

Приходите на русскую музыку. Приводите своих английских друзей.

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