rosenfeld porcini : CORD-CELL-CUBE by BONGSU PARK

Mar 20 2014 20:00 - 21:20

rosenfeld porcini gallery, 37 rathbone st, W1T 1NZ London

rosenfeld porcini is proud to present a an exclusive performance by artist Bongsu Park.

Although a contemporary gallery, rosenfeld porcini values a multidisciplinary approach both through its curated yearly themed exhibitions and more recently the initiation of a cultural program focusing on one off niche events involving artists across all disciplines. The cultural programme ranges from performance (dance, sound, theatre, film), debates and conferences where the public, academics, artists, and professionals are invited to discuss, experience, and explore art in its widest sense.

The event is priced at £15

20 march


by bongsu park

bongsu park

CORD – CELL – CUBE is a new performance piece by Korean artist Bongsu Park featuring live music and dance – in collaboration with choreographer Yoomi Ahn. Park wants to create an immersive experience with 3 dancers – a first for the artist, as she usually works with 2 performers. This new piece forms part of the series of previous video works that include CUBE and CORD.

Park collaborates with choreographers to create intricate compositions where movement is narrated through space, sound and image. However this exploration is given an added complexity by using sculpture within the performance. This unique concept of merging dance and installation derives from her need to comment on the perennial tension that is at the core of all human relationships, the need for union but also solitude. Her works manage to be extremely contemporary yet also timeless.

The performance begins at 8:00pm and will last 60 minutes with intermission. Standing

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