Rooftop Astronomy at The Culpeper

Jun 25 2018 20:45 - 23:15

The Culpeper, 40 Commercial St, E1 6LP London

In honour of our namesake, the controversial astrologist and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper, we're hosting an evening tour of the night sky from our rooftop. We'll be stopping by a couple of planets and constellations on the way, all guided by astronomy expert Seb Jay. Using professional high strength telescopic equipment, and drinking hot drinks made at the rooftop bar, this will be a night you won't forget.

The evening will begin with biodynamic wine (created according to the moons orbit) and a glorious main course spread put on by The Culpeper Kitchen in our 1st floor restaurant.

After you dine, you will be taken to the rooftop greenhouse where Seb will give a brief explanation of the cosmos, after which time we'll head out onto the terrace to start observing. We'll grab a couple of warm glasses of pulcinella, then with the help of some pretty hefty Dobsonian telescopes, we'll take a tour of Saturn and Mars, stopping by a couple of nebulae and star clusters on the way.

The Culpeper Rooftop:

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