ROBIN STEEGMAN Presents SOPHOCLES 497/496 BC - 2015

Aug 28 2015 19:00 - 21:45

Auditorium Bold Tendencies CIC Floors 7-10, 95a Rye Lane Peckham, SE15 4TG London

The Monologue Series at Bold Tendencies: Sophocles

During the summer of 2015 at Bold Tendencies we celebrate the challenge and beauty of monologues combined with the importance of speaking and performing in front of an audience - live. The amphitheatres of ancient greece were places built for large numbers - some, capable of housing up to 15,000 participants. It's somehow fitting then, that these monologues by Sophocles ought to be presented in Peckham's

Multistorey carpark - a venue catering to the masses, unassuming and yet integral to the communities' day to day life.

As a launch pad for newly written monologues by commissioned writers, we have chosen the work of the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles. A playwright as lauded in his day as it seems he is now: one need only look to the many recent London productions of his works for proof of his relevance - and it's that relevance we hope will take centre stage. The contemporary monologues we present will explore the parallels between Sophocles' ancient Greece and our contemporary world and will investigate the humanity - which make his plays so timeless.

We present four Friday's, one each month between June and September of 30 min performances.

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