RO! The Manipulated Form - Body Control in Rope - With ChristianRed & EntwinedStar

Apr 29 2018 10:30 - 17:00

Ask RopeON! For Address,, Or Check event listing,, Pos2 MaUP Edinburgh,

This workshop explores how body manipulation skills can enhance and alter our rope scenes, and aims to give you a set of skills that can be used to create dynamic play sessions. We'll learn how we can move our partners whilst tying, how to get our partners onto the floor. The session will then explore ground control techniques and how to overcome many of the roadblocks of restraining an active partner.

#### Workshop Sections:

* **Entering the scene** - techniques for reducing the distance between you and your partner

* **Rope on a standing party** - exploring leverage and grips, resistance and bondage from different angles

* **Tipping points** - inspired by wrestling and judo: ways of getting our partner off balance, and how to control their weight as they're falling

* **Ground control** - using anatomy and leverage, how to manipulate their posture, and creating different shapes by 'layering on' rope

General Admission

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