RETRIBUTION ALIVE: Countless Skies / Anoxide / Anakim / Cerberus Unchained / Hand of Doom

Oct 20 2017 19:00 - 23:00

Electrowerkz, 7 Torrens Street 1st floor, EC1V 1NQ London

Melodic death metallers Countless Skies headline Retribution Alive this October. They are joined by special guests Anoxide and Anakim, Cerberus Unchained and Hand of Doom at Electrowerktz in Islington.

So far the diverse metalisation of Retribution Alive has breached the walls of such venues as the Intrepid Fox, Scala, The Lounge, Purple Turtle, Black Heart, The Dev, Unicorn, Nambucca, Underdog Gallery, 12 Bar, New Cross Inn, Fiddlers Elbow, Wig & Gown, Amwell Arms, Upstairs @ The Garage, Kings Arms and the Plough & Harrow! Get along to October's edition at Electrowerktz!

Bands playing 7.00pm-11.00pm:


Countless Skies burst onto the modern metal scene with their debut self-titled EP in late 2014. Blending progressive and darkly intense music influenced by their Scandinavian melodeth heroes, the EP began a flood of shows up and down the UK. After winning the Bedfordshire 'Metal to the Masses' competition, they secured a slot on the New Blood stage at the UK's No1 independent metal festival, Bloodstock Open Air 2015. Building upon their rapid momentum, they continue their conquest of the UK to support their debut full-length released last June through Kolony Records. With a tremendous start, the future looks bright for Countless Skies.

"From the beautifully realised coverart to the smoothly escalating power of opening track 'Aubade', Countless Skies present themselves as a band of stature, worth and class." - Zero Tolerance Magazine

"This debut sees them plug a gaping black hole void in the UK's melodic death metal scene." -

Powerplay Magazine

"New Dawn, at its very essence, is a stunning display of mesmerizing beauty and an appreciation of solitude." - - Nine Circles


In the 2012th year of the modern age just as the Mayan's predicted, a band was formed under the aligned planets of Aquarius. This band went on to be known as Anoxide. Incorporating the powers of alcohol abuse, and the never ending quest to free Gucci Mane. Anoxide are on a crusade to spread the slightly slurred message of glory that is death metal. The musical equivalent of busting a nut. To describe the Anoxide sound it is universally agreed by respected academics that you need to have an IQ just as low as the band. But in the words of terrified onlookers and loved ones it can be described as a shameful orgy of death, groove, speed, and grim fucking metal.


Anakim's music has elements from many genres. With definite influences from death and black metal, there is also a progressive element to their music. It's dark, melodic and heavy, with contrasting sections of a more mellow nature. Striving to push boundaries with their music, Anakim forever seek unity between brutality and melody, finding balance between chaos and order.


Cerberus Unchained is a five-piece melodic death metal band based in Hertfordshire.

"The songs are a great mixture of the melodic and the brutal, balancing the two sides of their collective personality well. Imagine a mix of Carcass, Vehemence and Amon Amarth, perhaps, for an idea of the kind of field they play in... ...One of the things that originally struck me about this band was their great combination of accessibility and extremity. I think that they strike a great balance between the two on this EP. This is proper melodic death metal, make no mistake." -


London based extreme metal band, taking influence from death, black, thrash, doom metal, and more. We like Black Sabbath, Carcass, Death, Obituary, Pantera, Crowbar, Sleep, Conan, Exodus, Havok, Taake, Emperor.

Resident DJs:

DJ 69 (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Unholy / Synthetic Culture / Bloodstock's In New Blood We Trust)

DJ GRIFFIN (Retribution Alive / Bloodstock's Club Serpent / Intrepid Fox / Sonic Rebellion / Heaven and Hell / Garage Dayz)

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