Reiki Gong Bath with Welford Wellbeing

Oct 28 2019 19:30 - 21:00

29 White Post Ln, E9 5EN London

Join me, Rachael (founder of Welford Wellbeing) for 90 minutes of pure, uninterrupted relaxation and bliss. 
I'll bathe the room in sound and lead you through a journey of altered states of consciousness.

This creative mix of energy and sound medicine is a genuine, calming 'workout' for the nervous system as much as it is a powerful meditation. Energy and sound medicine for your mind, body and soul.

Gongs produce harmonic and dissonant sounds which give you the opportunity to experience altered states of consciousness. You’ll bathe in the deep vibrations of the gong and other instruments, allowing all cells in the body to resonate and bringing your body, mind and soul back to balance. 

Sound therapy has been used for millennia as a healing treatment and we still use it today. We know sound waves travel through the body at varying rates due to the use of ultrasound in modern medicine which create images of the inside of the body, but today the sound will be helping you relax, let go and hopefully access new psychedelic realms as you allow the sounds to take you on a meditative journey. 

As your mind is entrained to the theta and delta frequencies of sleep and deep meditation and you may experience vivid colours, lucid dream like experiences and feelings of weightlessness. For some people, physical sensations, emotions or anxiety may be brought to the surface to be healed. I teach a calming heart centered breathing technique at the beginning of the class so in the rare occurrence that you feel anxious or uncentered during the sound experience, you can use this technique to self soothe and bring coherence to the mind and body, knowing you are safe and held in this healing space. 

Regardless of your experience, get ready to discover a truly unique experience, like nothing else. 

** Although gong is a well documented instrument of healing, please note gong is not recommended for those:

- In the first trimester (I would not advise coming) or last trimester of pregnancy (risk of early labour)

- People with tinnitus or those who may struggle with being immersed in sounds. 

- People who maybe suffering with PTSD or severe mental health issues

- People with pacemakers or who suffer with seizures

If you are worried about anything please contact your GP or email us before booking a ticket.