Reboot Camp

Warren House, Warren Road, Kingston, Surrey, KT2 7HY Kingston
Sep 26 2029 09:00 - 17:30
Tickets GBP 150.00
Tickets GBP 150.00

A one day wellness retreat to recharge, refresh and relax you.

Step off the hamster wheel of life and press the reset button at Reboot Camp, a luxurious one day retreat at  Warren House in Kingston, Surrey.

The day will begin with a Secret Sunrise silent disco session that combines breathwork and meditation with a huge dollop of joy. It is suitable for any age and can be done seated if necessary. This is followed by Nutrition For Physical and Mental Wellbeing,  an inspiring talk given by fitness instructor, author and cancer survivor Paula Kerr. Before lunch, Sally Brockway talks about how she learned to fall in love with meditation despite once believing she could never do it. There is a delicious vegetarian lunch provided by the chefs at Warren House and in the afternoon we present the Non-Meditators Guide to Meditating, Chants Encounter (chanting/singing mantras), Yang-Yin-Yes yoga and finally, a soothing sound healing session. Rooms are available at Warren House, although the cost of accommodation is not included in the ticket price.

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Wow PR Ltd

Sally Brockway is a journalist and PR who brings together her favourite mindfulness and healing practitioners at Reboot Camp.

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