pottery workshop #8

Apr 19 2018 19:30 - 21:30

wendyhouse, 6 Craiguchty Terrace, FK8 3UH Aberfoyle

Come & have fun with Wendyhouse at a pottery workshop every Thursday in Aberfoyle, enjoy the therapeutic benefits of working with clay. Take the opportunity to unleash your creativity. BOOKING IN ADVANCE ESSENTIAL

What we do

  • learn how to use clay with an introduction to understanding & using the materials by creating some fantastic pots including bowls, napkin rings, coasters, soap dishes, votives etc
  • learn how to be sensitive to the nuances of shaping clay with your hands by learning some ancient but still used hand building means for making a pot, make / decorate a bowl using either pinching or coiling techniques and learn how to throw a pot on the wheel.
  • recap the techniques in making / decorating
  • finishing off - glazing / painting the pots we have made over the last 3 x weeks
  • 19, 26 April 03, 10 May


  • £10 per 2 hour lesson x 4
  • £10 for materials
  • TOTAL £50:00
  • all items will be fired twice, before & after glazing
  • finished items can be collected / delivered approx 2 x week after the end of the block
  • maximum group size = 6

General Admission

Not Available