POSTPONED: SOA-Sweden: Paediatric ophthalmology and optometry symposia

Mujir e-Din St, East Jerusalem
Tickets Free - GBP 50.00
Tickets Free - GBP 50.00


SOA-Sweden: Paediatric ophthalmology and optometry symposi

Welcome to St John's Postgraduate teaching program in Jerusalem. 

At this symposium, we are hosting a symposium on paediatric ophthalmology. We welcome colleagues from Sweden who established the St John exchange between St Erik's Hospital and Jerusalem in 2019. We shall also hold the inaugural SOA-Sweden event immediately as part of the scientific meeting. 

In parallel, we are also proud to present the first St John Optometry Symposium, which will also take place in the Eye Hospital. This is supported by colleagues from the Priory of St John in South Africa.

The afternoon will begin with lunch at the Ambassador Hotel, sponsored by an industry partner. We follow this with the Swedish SOA opening event in the Eye Hospital, followed by the medical and optometry symposia.The theme will be paediatric ophthalmology, with international speakers from Sweden and the UK.

In the evening, we shall enjoy an informal dinner in Notre Dame for any who wish to join us (this event is not included in the registration fee).

St John Eye Hospital Speakers: 


External Ophthalmology Speakers: 

Dr Elin Bohman, Oculoplastics, St Erik's Hospital, Stockholm

Professor Maria Kugelberg, Paediatric ophthalmology, St Erik's Hospital, Stockholm

Dr David Verity, Oculoplastics, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

Professor Eva Dafgård, St Erik's Hospital, Stockholm

Prof Guy Ben Simon

External Optometry Speakers:

Fatima Hoosen, Lead Optometrist, St John Priory of South Africa, Johannesburg

Sara De Lima - Lead Optometrist, St Erik's, Stockholm

Please join us!

For and on behalf of the SOA:

Mohammad Maali, Director of Education

Habes Batta, Medical Lead

Dr Elin Bohman, Stockholm - Lead visiting speaker

Dr David H Verity, Hospitaller


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