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Our comparator is completely autonomous and is in no way paid directly by the various dating sites to be selected. We achieved this ranking in a completely neutral and independent way in order to establish a list as impartial as possible answering the needs of Internet users. Our goal: to provide you with a selection of the best "naughty dating sites that best meet your expectations for this type of relationship.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement (, does it really work? In our opinion, yes! You just have to be honest and there will always be a partner who agrees with your needs and desires.

A wealthy man may want company for a small vacation, a weekend or just a fancy evening. It also works in the other direction as evidenced by the place of this platform in our comparison of the best meeting sites sugar mama.

But it can also happen that he does it to avoid loneliness and to make a new life. Indeed, a man can be a widower or someone who has just emerged from a divorce. As for the sugar baby, it is certain that it has several financial advantages.

But that may not be the main reason. She may be looking for a mentor or guide to advise her in her life. In addition to that, sugar love is a significant social lift. She can go around the world or almost change her life.


With DoubleList, ( it becomes easy and quick to find people in need and meet online! We offer you the opportunity to do your research quickly and make your experience very pleasant. We have a staff of more than 40 million people on the platform who share the same needs and fantasies as you. On DoubleList, you can view profiles, do custom searches, exchange messages by mail and chat with users online and hot. It is also important to meet the real people you meet on the site. Maybe you would like to have a meeting out of sight, a hot party, new online partners . Even more interesting, enjoy all the features offered by DoubleList to enjoy as much as you need.

DoubleList, N ° 1 in its field, presents of course a lot of strengths than insufficiencies. One of the major assets is the multitude of features offered as well as the options available to the platform so that users are filled and they can exchange without difficulty.
The strengths of DoubleList

Accessible to anyone over the age of 18
Members very open and who do not judge
Members who are everywhere in the world
Notoriety and expertise that is more to prove
Rates adapted for each person without forgetting the optional features
Live suggestive videos
Accessibility to pornographic films as needed
Competitions and various activities to create contacts with other users
A very reliable device with assured confidentiality.


this site did not interest me at all when I saw it for the first time. If I have to give you an opinion on SwingLifestyle, just be honest. I think his graphics lack a lot of originality and investment.

The facade we see first on SwingLifestyle  ( is very simplistic. The predominant colors are pink and black. As you say right now, it makes me think of a site for pornographic videos or calls. The excessive presence of photos of women from the first page does not improve the situation and I even asked the question if I was not on a site where you had to pay for a naughty little conversation.

The graphics do not improve when registering. It's still so basic with only an interface to find profiles and basic features like email or fans. It lacks a lot of originality especially when we see how much the graphics of other sites is well cared for.


Bazoocam ( is in our opinion one of the best free solutions on the market, even if the free here shows its limits in terms of quality of members present & moderation. So, if you are a woman, you can register, but stay alert, while it is recommended that men favor other sites, with a proportion of larger women.

Chat site free and without registration to chat live with thousands of connected. Everything is instantaneous and direct: You will be able to chat in the public rooms, in private room or in private message. Bazoocam is not only a cat but also a social network where you can meet your friends. multiply meetings and develop your network of knowledge. Bazoocam is a nice discussion forum
webcam chat:

Bazoocam Webcam in high definition. Customizable avatars. Sending photos in the living room or in private. music exchange. video sharing. micro living room with voice. Today the best chat site in France: Talk to your relationships. Increase your crowns to vote and ban the connected ones. Talk, talk, chat: invite all your upcoming contacts to chat Bazoocam


An option, which may seem silly at first glance, allows one click to display a fake document on your screen. Ideal for those who want to sweep discreetly on their desktop and avoid getting caught by a colleague!

Tinder (  offers three possibilities of using its service. You can totally be a user with a free account, you will not be completely blocked in your activity, only certain functions will be in limited daily quantity and others, less important, will not be proposed to you. There are two paid offers in the form of membership.

The first, Tinder + (read "Tinder Plus"), allows you to:

Benefit from unlimited likes and returns (against 50 / day free mode),
Have 5 "Super Likes" per day instead of one,
Control information visible to other members,
Swiper around the world, you're not limited to where you stand
Go back on a swiped profile