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Mar 09 2020 11:00 - 13:00
Tickets GBP 15.00
Tickets GBP 15.00

Play and Learn With Your Baby!!! With CBeebies NIGEL!! 

Join us for the sassiest MUM AND BABY PLAY EVENT!! At East Londons hippest edition - MAMA SHELTER!! To celebrate his new book.

Simple Activities with Amazing Benefits 

Publication date: 06 February 2020

Price: £14.99 

With a foreword by Nigel Clark

“It’s been a few years since my kids were babies, but I have to confess that when they were little, I didn’t really tap into baby clubs. I lived in a family bubble and assumed that clubs weren’t that beneficial. How wrong I was! It’s only now, having led and studied baby groups, that I appreciate their enormous benefits.” Nigel Clarke

This February, DK will publish Play and Learn With Your Baby, the tie-in book to accompany the pioneering CBeebies series The Baby Club, presented by Giovanna Fletcher and Nigel Clarke. Like the show, Play and Learn With Your Baby is for babies aged 6-18 months, and gives parents and carers ideas for interactive games, activities and songs to enjoy with their child.  

Play-time is a great way to bond and have fun with your baby, however keeping your baby busy and entertained throughout the day isn’t always easy. Going along to a baby club is a great option but they don’t suit everyone, some parents may not be able to access baby groups locally or fit clubs into their daily routine. Like the TV show, Play and Learn With Your Baby is the perfect guide for parents wanting the benefits that baby clubs offer by re-creating the different activities at home. For parents who find baby clubs a little daunting, this book will help build confidence and ease any worries by explaining what to expect and how you can join in. 

Using everyday objects featured in the show, songs to sing together and tips on every page, this must-have parenting book is fun, accessible and easy to follow. It also helps build confidence by giving parents and carers lots of great ideas to help their baby develop. There is also advice on how you can modify each activity, as your baby gets older. 

What makes this book unique is that it includes the psychology and child development theory that underpins each activity, and shows you how to apply the same principles to almost everything you do with your baby. The Editorial Consultant on the book, Dr Sally Smith is a professor of child development and the CEO for the charity Peeple who also consult on the show. 

There is no need for expensive toys when trying the different activities, everyday items such as a rolled up sock, an empty box, or a stick from the park will do.  A cardboard box is great for pretend play, whether you turn it into a car or make an obstacle course for your baby to crawl through, tying bits of material to a stick or a toothbrush to turn it into a magic wand is also a great way to spark their imagination. 

Whether you visit baby clubs, watch the The Baby Club on CBeebies or just simply enjoy playing with your baby at home with some friends, Play And Learn With Your Baby is a great resource for helping your baby learn and understand new things as they grow and develop.

About The Baby Club

The Baby Club is a ground-breaking TV series made for CBeebies aimed at the parents of 6 to 18 month-old babies.  As the channel’s first overtly dual-facing brand, this popular show – performing brilliantly for the BBC – has interactivity at its heart, encouraging parents and carers to play and interact with their babies.  Each episode centres around an everyday household item that the babies discover through play, story and song.

Presented by Nigel Clarke and Giovanna Fletcher, babies and their grown-ups at home are invited to take part in the club that takes place on screen. The Baby Club is firmly rooted in the latest research with input from leading experts, The Baby Club has been designed to help baby development, empower parents and aid bonding and attachment.


Cartoon Network, and BBC. Nigel is a co-host of CBeebies’ The Baby Club. His blog for the show, Nigel’s Baby Club Diaries, is a place to find out more about each episode, alongside tips and tricks he has learned on his own parenting journey. As a result of filming The Baby Club, Nigel has also become a Peep Practitioner; working with the charity, Peeple, to create early learning programmes for children and parents to learn and grow together. Nigel hosted the red carpet and back-stage interviews at the 2011 and 2019 Children’s BAFTAs and has a keen social media following. Nigel has two young children.

About Dr Sally Smith

Dr Sally Smith (Consultant Editor) is an Oxford-university educated professor of child development and CEO of the charity Peeple. Peeple’s main purpose is to support parents and carers, babies and children to learn together – by valuing and building on what families already do. Peep practitioners and families share information and ideas from the Peep Learning Together Programme about how to make the most of the learning opportunities that surround us in everyday life and play. Peeple advised The Baby Club programme’s production team on the child development theory that underpins all the activities on the programme. Sally is a mum of three. 

About Peeple

Peeple is a charity that supports parents and children to make the most of the learning opportunities in everyday activities. You probably do lots of these activities already – Peeple developed the Peep Learning Together Programme to explain why they are so helpful. Peeple are based in Oxford where they work with local families and train practitioners from around the UK and beyond to use their programme. They are educational consultants for The Baby Club and lots of Peep ideas are used in this book.

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