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Pixel Art Overview -

Pixel Art Overview -

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Nov 03 2021 18:00 - Nov 03 2029 20:00
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If I were to talk about a profession in which I identify with myself, I wouldn't necessarily call myself a painter, even though there was a period of 3-4 years when it was the official and only fishing rod. my most. My major lies elsewhere, and my primary interest lies elsewhere. I say this to know that I have not and never will be a painter or an artist with my skills and years of experience. However, I still decided to write a series of articles on fine art that are unique to this digital industry, for the following reasons:

  • The number of people who care, know and really appreciate pixel art in Vietnam is not much. Ask 10 Vietnamese digital artists, about 2 people won't know what pixel art is, and the remaining 7-8 people will say pixel art is bullshit art people often use to make cute icons to play with. live on Deviant Art, not a widely recognized and serious art.
  • The number of seriously interested people is low, the number of pixel artists in Vietnam is even less. Up until now, the number of Vietnamese pixel painters who have reached the intermediate level in my own judgment has not even exceeded the number of fingers on one hand. The only person up to this point that I can still contact and have the utmost respect for as a talented pixel artist is Mr. Black Mouse. When I have the opportunity, I will tell you how hard it was for me to contact this brother.

Because of the two reasons I mentioned above, the ability of this subject to attract new artists is very very low. There have been no less than a dozen young people who have come to me to ask me to tutor them to help them improve. And no matter how much I try to help them, almost 100% of you give up halfway. For a variety of reasons, but most of them lack external recognition. Whatever the case, the driving force behind a wet-footed artist has always been external recognition - not necessarily from the public, but at least from friends around. And because there are so few people around you who understand pixel art, it's almost like making progress in this subject with them requires a great deal of internal force - something that people can't easily get. . I myself do not dare to assert that I have progressed entirely thanks to my own inner strength.

This series of my Pixel Art intros will be partly compiled and translated from reliable instructional sources, as well as from my own knowledge and experience. And the main structure of the series will be as follows:

An overview of Pixel Art:  definition, distinction and history of pixel art. This section includes information for reference only for those who are curious about pixel art or are interested in fine art. If you have a desire to pursue pixel art and go straight to specific techniques, you can skip this part.

Basic and common Pixel Art techniques and rules: this part will be half introductory, half instructive, aimed at semi-beginner pixel artists, to help you Avoid falling into the most basic errors of pixel art. However, please note that art has no borders, so when you feel you are qualified and experienced, and you feel the need, all these rules are completely breakable. . They are here for the sole purpose of helping you avoid technical, not artistic, mistakes.

General art techniques : this will be a subsection, which will cover some art techniques common between art types (eg rimlight, how to shade some different textures like metal). type, wood, glass, etc.) not just pixel art, but will greatly help your pixel art making process. Note that this section will only introduce briefly, because these are all techniques I have learned and used, and I am not an expert in other arts. Your mileage may vary.

Analysis of pixel art in highly rated paintings and products : this is the advanced, and probably my favorite, part, for those who really love pixel art, want to pursue it, or want to understand the deeper subtleties of it so that you can appreciate it more. This part will be quite nerdy and will also be the longest of the series, as we will dive into the most complex visual techniques, used by famous pixel artists around the world. Or at least, this part will be the part where you will see what is known as the quintessence of pixel art. So you try not to miss it.

Through this series of articles, I hope this art, which I am quite fond of, is spread more widely, even if only a little. I'm not confident that an artist of my caliber deserves to be the one to pen this series, but given the current situation, if it weren't for me, it's almost certain no one would have written. If you've read this far, I extend my sincerest thanks, and hope that the quality of this series will not let you down. And at the same time I would also appreciate it if you could give it some space on your profile by pressing the Share button.

Thanks again, and welcome to Pixelartgratuit.



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