Pisces New Moon Sister Sound Circle

Feb 24 2020 20:00 - 22:00

58 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH London


It is a sad and solemn moment as we temporarily close the doors on the Skylight Lounge, the place that has held every sister sound circle in existence..

We send prayers of loving kindness to Lindka for the speedy sale of her beautiful home, and in the meantime we are relocating to a lovely new space in Westbourne Park Grove.


Reflexions: The Reflexology Shop London

58 East Westbourne Grove

W2 5SH


7.45pm arrival-10pm


So, let's gather together, the way we do best - and bless this lovely new venue - to sing, chant, drum, share, laugh, meditate & elevate our consciousness, as one tribe, one group of golden goddesses...

We will sing ancient medicine song, mantra, open our hearts & voices, shine our sparkling souls on each other, & create a safe space to share what is on our minds..to let go of that thing you need to express that can be hard to discuss with close loved ones.

I personally feel so much relief & deep inner peace from sharing what's on my mind & wish to continue to open this circle to help our sisters feel the same.

After singing, sharing, drumming, & beauty becoming... lie down, relax & we will soothe you with healing high-frequency gongs, crystal bowls, & divine shamanic voice.

Trusting that women have been gathering in this way through the ages, & it is our birthright as divine feminine miracles to continue this ancient tradition, sharing, supporting, nurturing and honouring one another.

Bring a shamanic drum if you have one...

Please bring your own water bottle, we'll miss the homely comforts of the Skylight Lounge - so it's best to come ready to self hydrate! There's lots of coffee shops etc along the road.