Pinact and Broadsea

Feb 10 2017 21:00 - 23:00

The Drouthy Cobbler, 48 a High St, IV30 1BU Elgin

Pinact have harnessed the spirit of Glasgow’s music scene incredibly. The trio comprised of Corrie Gillies (guitar/vocals), Lewis Reynolds (drummers) and Jon Arbuthnott (bass) combines experimental, turn-it-up-to-11 guitar sounds with outstanding melodic awareness. An intensely chaotic sound that wraps sheer pop song writing in Melvins-esque fuzz, a kiss and a punch.

Embracing the DIY scene by putting on their own shows, touring almost constantly in the UK, playing house parties and dingy cellars as well as the likes of New York’s CMJ Music Marathon, it’s been a busy start for the band. With an attitude comparable to bands of the early US hardcore punk scene, a hard-working ethos and a willingness to play as many shows as possible, Pinact is a force for the future. Having released numerous songs on cassettes, 7”s, and vinyl compilations including the ‘Art Reeks’ project in collaboration with UK labels Art is Hard and Reeks of Effort, Pinact has released their debut album produced by MJ of Hookworms, Stand Still and Rot, in the spring of 2015 via the Brooklyn based indie Kanine Records.


Broadsea are a 4-piece alternative post-rock band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Their music is massive and atmospheric with a heavy side. Strongly influenced and for fans of Biffy Clyro, Deftones and Oceansize (to name a few).

Broadsea formed in the late months of 2015. Drummer Kieran and front man Philip were both seeking a new project from their previous bands. After meeting for a jam session in August that year, they decided to give it a bash as a band. A month later guitarist Nathan joined and from then Broadsea was created. They began to get to know each other’s playing styles and ideas for what ‘Broadsea’ should be and sound like. After writing a couple of songs with previous bassist James, he then left. Jamie later joined earlier this year and that’s when the ball really began to roll and Broadsea became Broadsea.

Now with a solid line up and a solid amount of songs, Broadsea went live in July 2016, ideas were being finalised for the band to breakout into the music scene with a hefty bang.


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