Piergiorgio Milano: Playful and Sharp Body Intensive

Sep 18 2017 11:00 - Sep 21 2017 17:00

TripSpace Projects TripKitchen&Bar TripYoga TripDance, Railway Arch 339-, E8 4EA London

The morning sessions will propose Piergiorgio's personal approach to mixing flying-low, capoeira and release technique.

These will be very challenging physical sessions mining to explore ones own limits, building strength and stamina and combining playfulness, creativity and a wide spectrum of physical states with set material.

The afternoons will be a shared proposition between contemporary dance and physical theatre. The body will be explored thorough a wide range of creative tasks across movement qualities, emotional/physical states and theatrical expression.

The body will be analyzed as an instrument with which we can play together.

Elements from acrobatics, partnering and release technique will be proposed and offered as tools to improve our ability to play theatrical situations.

The sessions will explore concepts of neutral and emotive body; real and fake emotions, energy levels and their application to theatrical situations, and applying rhythm into movements and thoughts.

During this workshop everybody will have the opportunity to confront themselves as individuals and in group challenges.

The creative work will be fast paced, there will be no time for judgement and the focus will strongly remain on enquiring how we can use the body to answer stage’s situations and to better understand ourselves as performers.

Be ready for an intense and powerful journey!


Piergiorgio Milano is an Italian internationally recognized choreographer and performer.

His background embraces circus, dance, theater and martial arts.

He has been working and collaborates with many international artists like:

James Thierre, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Rodrigo Pardo, David Zambrano, Roberto Olivan, Raffaella Giordano

His Performances are developed around the body and trough the body. He has personally experience being a dancer an acrobat and a performer; he gathers all these experience into a very strong physical language that combines virtuosity in movement with a very clear theatrical esthetics.

His works always run on the borders between arts, categories and discipline; trying to force those borders he finds his personal strength into the creative process.

His performances and choreographies are always a radical combination between circus dance and theater.

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