Physical Articulation for Comedy - Thom Monckton

May 27 2017 11:00 - 17:00
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Tickets GBP 45.00
Tickets GBP 45.00

Sat 27th May (11am-5pm)

Physical Articulation for Comedy - Thom Monckton

The workshop involves body isolation, contemporary mime, mimicry, object manipulation, and contextual improvisations.

This introduction to physical theatre movement technique concentrates on the articulation of the body and interactions with each other, as well as objects within movement and space, to create clear non-text comical narratives and expressions.

Participants will learn how to isolate movements, use personal eccentricities to a comical advantage, and how to create and break rhythm in order to create laughter.

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Physical Fest
Physical Fest is an annual international Physical Theatre Festival in Liverpool hosted by Tmesis Theatre with performance, workshops, events & street theatre.
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Physical Articulation for Comedy - Thom Monckton

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