Palestine on a plate 'Same Same But Different' Supperclub W/ Hampstead Kitchen

Apr 25 2017 19:00 - 22:30
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Tickets GBP 55.00
Tickets GBP 55.00

I am so pleased to announce my next supperclub called “ Same Same But Different” on Tuesday 25th April with my wonderful friend and chef Saima from The Hampstead Kitchen.

Through our respective food journeys as chefs and cooks, we have seen such an amazing amount of people coming together over food. As the name suggests “ same Same But Different” both Saima & I wanted to celebrate the commonalities of foods across the Middle East and Iran and share our experience with you all The history that connects us is incredible and we want to celebrate our similarities in this unique one of kind supperclub.

What to expect:

This will be a true feast to share amongst you all on a communal table as is usual in my events and Saima’s dinners, where you will immerse & devour dishes that are eaten all over then Levant. Countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, and Iran will all be included on our special menu.

Key Details

All the meat served will be halal.


Complimentary cocktail with orange blossom and dried rose petals.


Booraniyeh Esfenaj - Yoghurt and spinach dip with cumin and caramelised onions.

Msabaha - chilli chunky chickpea dip

Fennel and apple salad with sweet vinegar dressing draped in pomegranates.

Booraniyeh laboo - roasted beetroot with a chilli and dill yoghurt

Mamas Musaka’a - Baked aubergine dish with garlic and onions in a rich tangy tomato sauce

Fatayer - spiced lamb parcels in a cumin and chilli pastry

Main course

Slow cooked pomegranate lamb chops with mint & drizzled with pomegranate seeds served on Morrasa Polo rice

Arabian Gulf prawns marinated in lemon, garlic and coriander


Eastern Mess


Ruz bil haleeb with crushed pistachios + dried roses - Orange blossom rice pudding

Please also note this event will be documented, so if you camera shy, then best to sit this one out. We hope to see you all there and enjoy this one off exclusive supperclub.


** Please note Tickets are not refundable if cancelled within 48 hours of the event **

Hope to see you on the 25th April.

With love from us both.

Joudie & Saima

Palestine On A Plate & The Hampstead Kitchen

Event ended

Palestine on a plate 'Same Same But Different' Supperclub W/ Hampstead Kitchen

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