PAINT A HOUSE TODAY - Lighthousing

Jan 28 2017 01:31 - Jan 27 2018 04:00

Yahara, Ethiopia, 1234 Addis Ababa

Mufufu sells locally produced paint.

Charlie's World buy the paint buckets at local cost price from Mufufu ensureing the growth of local entrepreneurship.

Daily our on-ground HOPE & SMILES guerilla's setup and promote local paint parties in rural mud-hut villages around Ethiopia. Each paint party ignite initial HOPE as collective community painting activities involve local house owners to ACT FAST when provided the opportunity in the form of YOUR paint bucket backing.

Visual ImpACT

Nothing says Hope & Smiles as helping paint the house of a brother from another mother without expecting anything in return. An entire house is painted in an hour yet last for 20 years. The speed of impact vs. sheer change of visual impact of the villages is why our team every day wake up to paint the next village.

Establishing local village buy-in

& Ownership

Local ownership of the future of a village is a pre-requisite for long term positive growth. Lighthousing is a fast and low-cost strategy for our organisation to establish local collaboration, project buy-in and co-ownership. The practical and visual house paint impact hereby seed the ground for the following hydroponic gardens and the related hydro-farming education. A small act for a man but a giant leap for an entire village.

Join our paint revolution today and support by buying you first local produced paint buckets on this page.


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