Onwards 2019

Sep 28 2019 13:00 - 23:59

Huddersfield, Huddersfield

Onwards is an annual all day festival in Huddersfield celebrating local music, art, food and drink. The festival is organised like a pub crawl, moving between venues to experience different tastes of culture. Our first year running was 2016 - we had 10 live music acts, an exhibition and some live art and we did it all on a shoe string budget.

Our aim is to put on an all day journey though town, visiting the some of the finest music venues in Huddersfield. The first venue will be completely free in but to join the rest of the fest we will ask for a small contribution to pay the artists.

We're doing this because we LOVE LIVE MUSIC. We believe the Huddersfield Music Scene needs some nourishment and we want audiences to be rewarded for being excellent. All year and every year the audiences of Huddersfield show love, respect and kindness to our performing musicians so you deserve to have a festival in your town. ​

13:00 - Magic Rock
Deadbeat Brass
15:30 - The Corner
Appel 4 // Band of Jays
19:00 - Northern Quarter
Postculture // Savvy
22:00 - Small Seeds
Five Inch Breakbeat // Chicken Scratch