Online Casino Payment Methods & Beginners Guide

Sep 20 2019 18:00 - Dec 20 2020 00:00

Norway, Oslo

The major difference between an online casino and offline one is the method of payment. An online casino offers several games like poker online, etc. and at the same time provide several payment methods for depositing funds in a secure manner. The online casinos try to make the transfer of funds as simple as possible with the help of a good graphical user interface.

Many of us may be already familiar with the use of credit cards and PayPal, besides which there are also several other options available. Most casinos will reflect the deposit of funds into your account instantly and also allow fast withdrawal of funds. However, others may include a slight delay when requesting funds. This article goes on to describe the common payment methods available at online casinos and a simple guide for those new to playing online.

Online Casino Payment Methods

Playing poker online means also having to use online payment options. One of the most common issues with online payment is secure. Internet users tend to hesitate while making payments over the internet since they do not trust it and are not sure if it is secure.

It is best to use a known and trusted payment to be on the safe side. Some of the popular payment options include e-wallets, credit & debit cards, and other online payment Apps.

Here is a list of popular payment options available for Norwegian players:

  • ● Moneybookers
  • ● Neteller
  • ● EntroPay
  • ● Speedcard
  • ● Click2Pay
  • ● Bank account transfer
  • ● Check

Bank account transfer can take anywhere between 2 to 10 days while a check can take up to 20 days. There are few other options also available like VISA, Skrill, Neteller, ewire, etc. Many prefer to use their bank card or credit card to make payments over the internet. This may require one to submit identity papers too.

With a Skrill MoneyBookers account, you can play at almost any casino. Neteller is a simple web wallet that allows one to transfer money using a credit card and bank account, while there is also the option of using Entropay which is a virtual visa card linked to your account.

Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

An online casino is a good option for many people who love to play poker and other games like blackjack, etc. Playing poker online is very similar to playing it on a land-based casino. The poker rules tend to remain the same; however, there might be several other variations of the game available to play. The first step to take is to create an online account; this usually involves using your email account and is free from any charges. However, to be able to play any game it is necessary to deposit some amount in your account at the online casino.

One of the advantages of playing at an online casino is that it is possible to play practice games for free. Each site is likely to have a different interface and set of rules to follow, however, the types of games and their rules are likely to remain the same as that of a land-based casino. It is best to pick a banking method to start with prior to begin playing at the online casino.

Some of the common worries regarding online payment include not knowing how winnings will be credited or how to deal with a situation when there is a problem depositing funds and if the location from which they are playing makes a difference. These are common queries and answer to which will usually be present in the FAQ section along with the answer to several other questions. It is also possible to contact customer service who will usually be available on a 24x7 basis to answer your queries. Online casinos will usually credit the account with the winnings and in case of an issue with fund transfer money is usually refunded within a stipulated time.