One Day Suspension Workshop

Jul 14 2018 10:00 - 17:00

The Natural Light Studio, Building 3, NN7 4PS Northampton

Welcome to Northampton Rope
This one day workshop is perfect for those who have some rope knowledge and want improve whilst exploring suspension, or fine tune their suspension technique. The workshop will explore suspension for all body shapes, ensuring that this is done in a safe and secure way, while focusing on the fun that can be had for both Riggers and Bottoms during suspension scenes. The day will encompass basic chest and hip harnesses and how to use these within transition sequences.

Important Things to Know
  • Tickets:
    • Early Bird tickets will be available till 14th June 2018
    • General Admission tickets will be available from 15th June 2018 onwards
  • You do NOT require knowledge of a TK and this workshop does not use TKs
  • The class will feature content for those being tiedropes and those tying in equal measure
  • This workshop caters for couples where the person in the ropes is larger or heavier than the person tying
  • This workshop unfortunately does not cater for switching couples

Workshop Content

  • Structural chest and hip harnesses
  • Uplines and lock offs
  • Body manipulation and body movement in the ropes
  • Inversions and inversion safety
  • Basic transitions and transition safety


  • People tying - Be able to tie a single column, rudimentary understanding of chest harnesses
  • People being tied - this course will cater to beginner bottoms but an awareness of how your body responds in rope and the difference between circulation and nerve impingement is useful, but will be covered in more detail

Kit Required

  • 10 x 8ft or longer ropes
  • 6 x Carabineers
  • Safety Shears
  • Tea/Coffee mugs
  • For those being tied we suggest gym wear type clothing, nothing too loose fitting. Additionally no underwire bras.

The NRG Jam

  • This workshop also includes free entry into the jam after the event, where you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learnt, and turn it into play. There will be a break after the workshop to allow for people to refresh before the jam starts in the evening running from 6pm till 10pm.

The Teaching Team

Early Bird - Per Pair

Not Available

General Admission - Per Pair

Not Available