Old Amersham Ghost Walk

May 06 2018 19:30 - 21:30

Tesco Superstore, London Rd W, HP7 0HA Amersham

"The village of Pluckley in Kent was once in the Guiness Book of Records as the UK's most haunted village with 12 ghosts. Just one building in Amersham smashes that record!" Ashley Darkwood - Paranormal Investigator.

Old Amersham in Buckinghamshire is as steeped in history as it is tales of the paranormal. Records date back to pre Saxon times when the town was known as Agmondesham. Indeed, some of the most significant history of the old town seems to have left a mark that people still witness to this day. Both buildings and outside areas seem to attract and display phenomena of significant interest with regard to the paranormal. The Amersham Martyrs, known as Lollards, were imprisoned, tried and executed for heresy in the town, unsurprisingly the sites significant to the events all have reports of activity.

A monument to the martyrs was erected in 1931 and reads "In the shallow of depression at a spot 100 yards left of this monument seven Protestants, six men and one woman were burned to death at the stake. They died for the principles of religious liberty, for the right to read and interpret the Holy Scriptures and to worship God according to their consciences as revealed through God's Holy Word"

The town's importance as a trade route and stopping point between London, Aylesbury and Buckingham also attracted some characters which many believe to still be present in the town, in some form at least.

Along the way we will visit places where there are accounts of apparitions, disembodied voices and screams, poltergeist activity, people being touched by unseen hands. It also appears the good folk of Amersham were particularly scared of witchcraft, for some reason. There have also been several reports in various establishments of chambermaids and bar wenches getting a bit "hands on" from beyond the grave!

We will also look at what constitutes a haunting, different types of haunting and how to debunk some of the fakery out there.
Even if only a small portion of these reports are true, then Amersham could well be one of the most haunted towns in the UK. Using paranormal investigating equipment, we will see if we can capture any evidence of these hauntings. Feel free to bring your own photography and recording equipment, of course, this is at your own risk.

The tour will include a break in one of the town's many haunted hostelries.
Contact us if you would like a recommendation for one of the fabulous restaurants in the town for before or after the tour.

Cost: £12 per ticket.
Expected timings: 2hrs

Contact info@wycombeparanormal.com to book via paypal

The route will be over mostly flat ground and therefore more accessible for those experiencing mobility problems. We will meet the far end of Tesco car park where the footpath connects to Station Road.

Old Amersham Ghost Tour

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