Oh Standfast 'a Fish?' & Matt Smith 'Damaged' (comedy works in progress)

Jun 13 2018 19:00 - 21:15

The Taproom, 163 Upper St, N1 1US London

A double portion of comedy works in progress from Oh Standfast & Matt Smith.

Doors 7:00 / Show 7:30

Oh Standfast 'a Fish?' (45 minutes)

Recent studies show that when trapped under ice some fish resort to alcohol, which they can produce internally to keep themselves warm. Oh Standfast is not a fish but he does adopt similar methods when trapped in his own head. Well, something like that. An outburst courtesy of this self proclaimed reluctant poet and shouter of words. ★ ★ ★ ★ I have no idea what I watched but I loved it. - LondonPubTheatres

// INTERVAL (15 mins) //

Matt Smith 'Damaged' (45 minutes)

Matt Smith is damaged and a lot of people agree. In his debut show comedian Matt Smith pieces together what everyone’s been telling him for years. Join him on a hilarious journey to see if anything can be fixed and, if it can, whether it would even be worth it.

Comedy Knights Finalist.


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