Nottingham coaches to Stop Trump demo

Jul 13 2018 09:00 - 22:00

Forest Recreation Ground (Stop FO07), Nottingham NG5 2BU, NG5 2BU Nottingham

***UPDATE - we are currently trying to source further coaches but until we do we can't sell more tickets. If you'd like to come join the waiting list (see buy ticket link) and we'll contact you if we can source another coach***

We are organising Nottingham coaches to the demo in London against Trump's visit. Below is the blurb from the national Facebook event. The timings for the London demo are slightly later than usual. The demo starts at 2pm with a 5pm rally, which means we leave Nottingham slightly later than usual and won't leave London until 7pm. That probably means a return time of around 10pm.

Donald Trump is now reported to be coming to Britain in July - and we are going to organise a massive national demonstration against his politics of racism, war, sexism and hate.

This could be a march of millions. 4% of the population - or around 2 million people have said that they would “definitely” take part in protests against the visit.

This demonstration isn't just about Trump. The treatment of the Windrush generation has highlighted the British elite's disgraceful record of racism and bigotry. This is a fight against our own "hostile environment" as well as the American government.

The Stop Trump Coalition is a network of grassroots campaigns, unions, NGOs and politicians initiated by journalist Owen Jones in February 2017. Stand Up to Trump includes a range of campaigns against war, austerity and racism, as well as public figures who have pledged to mobilise against a Trump visit.

Both organisations have come together for a one-off national demonstration under the banner of Together Against Trump.

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