New Moon Sound Activation

Nov 26 2019 19:30 - 21:00

The Pirate Castle, 33 Oval Rd, NW1 7EA London

When the moon is new, it represents a time when the old has passed & the new has not begun yet - creating this portal of vast energy & space.. & in that spaces lies pure, infinite potential....its a time to harness it's beautiful, healing energies, spending time in spiritual practice - through intention, meditation, manifestation and sacred sound!

So join us, lie down, relax and allow the sonic sensation to permeate every spiralling cell in your body back into perfect alignment.

Bathe in a fusion of symphonic gongs, flutes, drums, Tibetan bowls & shamanic voices, as the healing high frequencies help reduce stress and access the gateway to higher levels of consciousness.

Together let's harness the transformational energies of the full moon with pure intention plus healing vibrational sound!





PAY ON THE DOOR £25 (event sells out - not always tickets on door)

Time: Please arrive 7.15 for a prompt 7.30 start.