New Moon Cacao Ceremony, Reiki Gong Bath in Hackney Wick, London

Feb 24 2020 19:30 - 21:00

29 White Post Ln, E9 5EN London

Do you find it hard to meditate? 

Maybe you find it hard to switch off and relax? 

If your mind churns things over and won't give you peace, this is the event for you. 

Let's join under the powerful energy of this New Moon energy. A perfect time to renew intentions and sew seeds for the next moon cycle.

We'll start the evening with a cacao ceremony and group reiki energy exercise (You don't need to be Reiki attuned to do this), then we'll move into guided meditative om chanting to really clear the mind and prepare us for the finale... a gorgeous sound bath using gong, Tibetan bowls, Koshi bells and chimes and voice. 


Raw cacao is not the same as chocolate. It is made from the same plant but is processed in a completely different way leaving in all the good stuff. When using Raw Ceremonial grade cacao we are inviting you to use the plant as medicine. It has been used as a health elixir for centuries originating in the Americas and contains many active ingredients which help release 'feel good' hormones in the body such as dopamine. When connecting with cacao we're connecting with the heart centre and inviting it to open.  The taste can be more bitter than chocolate but when brewed for a ceremony I add a little spice and sweetness. 


Sitting in a circle and creating harmonised energy as a group is a very powerful way of building a connection to others as well as a stronger connection to your inner self. This section will be fully guided and is really easy to follow so even if you have never done it before you can still join and will be fully supported. The chanting of OM has been shown to have many benefits over the years, with many citing it as the original sound of the universe and path to enlightenment. Om has been shown to increase concentration, clear a busy mind, purify negative energies and increase your connection to your spiritual self. 


Laying down under a blanket, you need not do anything but focus on your breath. The sound will take you on a meditative journey, it's a bit like getting a big hug from the universe. You're bathed in the sounds (hence the name gong bath) which vibrate through your body; resetting your nervous system (aiding sleep and feelings of being safe), preventing inflammation in the body, inhibiting the stress and pain response, as well as having a positive effect on your heart and respiratory rates.

People often report deep meditative and peaceful states, clarity of mind, and deeper connections to their intuition as well as peaceful sleep, following a gong bath. 

Join us and see for yourself. 

Much Love


Contraindications of the gong: 

Although gong is a well-documented instrument of healing, please note gong is not recommended for those:

– In the first trimester or last trimester of pregnancy. I would not advise coming at all in the first trimester.

– People with tinnitus or those who may struggle with being immersed in sounds. 

– People who may be suffering with PTSD or severe mental health issues

– People with pacemakers or who suffer with seizures

If you are worried about anything please contact your GP or email us before booking a ticket.

Contraindications of cacao: 

- Anyone allergic to chocolate or chocolate derivatives should avoid cacao 

- Although less common these days antidepressants and other medications which work via MAO inhibitors are contraindicated with chocolate. Please check your medication and check with you Dr before coming. 
- Heart Conditions: cacao is a vasodialator and increases heart rate. 
– Pregnant or breastfeeding: Cacao is a stimulant so you may wish to have a lower dose

Paid Ticket GBP 23.00
Bring a friend (Entry for two) SOLD OUT