Neuroscience, The Stress Response & Yoga

Jul 27 2019 12:45 - 14:45

Beetroot Sauvage, 33-41, EH9 1SX Edinburgh

Neuroscience, the stress response and YOGA.

We live in a time where stress, busy-ness and burnout are often discussed and commmonly accepted as part of everyday life.

This workshop aims to help you understand why our bodies and minds respond in the way they do to stress, understand the impact of this and learn how yoga and other mind/body practices can be a useful practice in mediating this. The workshop will:

1. Explore what stress, and chronic stress is
2. Cover the brain/nervous system physiology, the neuroscience behind the stress response and how and why it impacts on us
3. Discover the potential for the practice of yoga to change our nervous system and offer practical strategies for doing this.

Please note this two-hour workshop is running within a longer, weekend workshop so please ensure you are on time.

This workshop is £30, and we will offer 2 discounted places for anyone for whom finance is a genuine barrier. Please contact if you feel a discounted space would allow you to attend.

Paid Ticket

GBP 30.00 + GBP 2.88 fee