Neat Timothy’s Yule Log

Dec 16 2017 20:00 - 22:00

TripYoga & TripDance, Acton Mews Railway Arch 339, E8 4EA Haggerston

Seke Chimutengwende, Jane Leaney, Rick Nodine, Gabriele Reuter, Gareth Green*, Bryony Perkins and Jamie McCarthy improvise text, sound and movement in performance. They mix contemporary dance, contact improvisation, storytelling, folk songs, soundscapes and the occasional audience experiment. It's improvisation, so who knows what will happen, but in amongst the not-so-Virgin births and Pagan Rituals, Neat Timothy will keep the Yule Log burning.

Credits: Seke Chimutengwende, Jane Leaney, Jamie McCarthy, Rick Nodine, Bryony Perkins and Gabriele Reuter

General Admission

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