Natural Dye Workshop: Yellow 1

Aug 25 2018 14:00 - 17:00

Cordwainers Garden, 3RE, E8 3RE London

The second in our series of natural dye workshops using plants to make primary and secondary colours. This session focusses on the plant weld which produces an electric yellow and has been used for centuries; Roman brides were married in weld-dyed garments. We'll be creating a range of yellow hues using 'modifiers' such as iron and some of our dyed material will go into the Hackney Colour Wheel, our project to create a spectrum of colour from our garden. You'll go through the dyeing process and leave with a silk scarf you have dyed yourself. We'll be joined by a chemist from the Royal Society of Chemistry who will explain what's really going on - that it's not actually magic!

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