Natural Dye Workshop: Blue2

Sep 22 2018 14:00 - 17:00

Cordwainers Garden, UAL, 182 Mare St, E8 3RE London

The fifth in our series of eight dye workshops focussing on different primary colours. This week: BLUE, the rarest colour in the natural world. In this workshop you'll learn how to make and dye with indigo and woad grown in our garden. This is an annual event to celebrate the harvest of our 'blue' plants but this year we have the help of a chemist from the Royal Society of Chemistry who will explain what's really going on - it's not magic, apparently. Some of our dyed material will go into the Hackney Colour Wheel, our project to create a spectrum of colour from our garden. You'll go through the dyeing process and leave with a silk scarf! If you've been to our YELLOW workshop you can overdye your material with blue to make... green.

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