Myco-Material Cultivation

181 Frenchay Park Rd, BS16 1HB Bristol
Mar 14 2020 09:30
Mar 15 2020 16:30
Tickets GBP 65.00 - GBP 125.00
Tickets GBP 65.00 - GBP 125.00

Myco-materials are an exciting development merging our understanding of growing fungi and fabrication techniques. This synthesis of mycelium and moulds is bringing about a revolution in the packaging industry and is also getting its hyphae deep into creative design developments that span everything from organic furniture to biological buildings. In a time where plastics and other non-biodegradable materials are causing a threat to the inhabitants of our planet, myco-materials offer a new way of creating that is beautiful, robust and exciting, but can gently return to the soil.

Come and join materials specialist Ashley Granter for this two-day workshop exploring these techniques.

Aims/ Outcomes

Over the two days we will learn and experience every step of the process needed to produce fungal materials. The key techniques will be taught through theory and practical sessions, and you will be able to take home your very own mushroom product at the end of the weekend. You will look after this product whilst it finishes the last stage of its process and once dried, you will have a fully-grown object made from mycelium.

We will cover all aspects of the fungus’ needs and requirements to produce functional products. In general, the outcome is to let your mind experience the possibilities when it comes to learning from nature’s systems and how they can be transformed to allow us to live a more sustainable life.

What will be covered

  • Basic sterile techniques
  • Working with cultures
  • Grain spawn production
  • Inoculating substrates
  • Sterilising moulds
  • Packing moulds and mycelial growth
  • Drying and aftercare

About the tutor

Ashley’s background comes originally from studying Product Design at University where he realised his passion and focus for ecological design mixed with the power of telling a story through the journey of an object. From this, he began to take inspiration from nature’s biological systems and stumbled across the amazing abilities of mycelium, the fibrous structure of fungi, and set his sights on learning how the process could be adapted for material cultivation.

Since then, he has become a specialist in this field and works with various companies as a contractor, as well as producing his own bespoke furniture as a part of Natura Studios, founded by Ash and a close friend from his university days. Also, as a part of Natura, they provide educational workshops/ lessons to teach groups and individuals the exact same processes that they work with.

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