Mucky Pups Sensory Messy Play session

Mar 17 2018 09:30 - 10:15

Dundonald Congregational Church, 15 Dundonald Rd, SW19 3QH London

Let your child explore, experiment and learn in a fun, safe environment. There are numerous benefits that messy play brings and if you are looking for something different and stimulating to do, please pop along.

As the name suggests, it's messy play so come prepared guessed it - mess!

Some practical things we thought we'd let you know:

* Sessions are 45 minutes long (from 9:30-10:15 approximately). There is a tight clean-up time window so we regret there won't be time allocated for mingling afterwards, but we are looking into this.

* Buggy parking: you can leave your buggy on the right side of the hall as you enter the building.

* Clothes and footwear: please come dressed for messy play and bring a change of clothes for your little one and maybe even yourself. Children will benefit from non-slippery soles or grippy washable shoes.

* Allergies: please let us know in advance if you or your little one have any allergies. Typically, all messy play food-stuffs will be edible and non-toxic. They may, however, contain artificial colours, flavours and/or preservatives.

* Important: even though sessions are themed and messy play stations set up, we very much encourage child-led play and what might seem like a "wrong" use of a toy/utensil/prop, might be a future engineer, designer etc at work so as long as the child is not endangering himself/herself or damaging equipment, sit back and watch - being undisturbed lets them make crucial connections in their brains and problem-solve.

* Song time: we have around 10 minute song and/or story time at the end - participation is completely optional and up to your child/children. If they are busy working on a project, please respect it and let them finish.

* Lastly: common sense, cooperation, respectful treatment of children and community spirit is highly encouraged. We hope you managed to read all this - come and enjoy yourself.

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