MOVIMIENTO CONSTANTE Intensive with Juan Jesus Guiraldi

Aug 27 2018 11:00 - Aug 30 2018 17:00

TripSpace - TripYoga & TripDance, Railway Arch 339, E8 4EA Haggerston

In MOVIMIENTO CONSTANTE, we have started a quest. We are driven not only by the willing to share our movement practices, which link several dance techniques and languages (body, sound, visual); but also by our interest in the peculiarities of movement within each region, those traces of a culture's identity that can be seen through every person and every way of conceiving the world and the body. These quests have taken us to many cities and provinces within Argentina and also many countries of the world (Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Ireland, Austria) and UK.

We think it is fundamental for us movement researchers to keep questioning and expanding our experiences in order to share our processes and be a part of others as well.

This workshop aims to approach through different artistic perspectives, the concepts of space and time related to movement and the possibilities that emerge when they are combined with our own body language.

Our body's possibilities are endless.

We propose a constant state of creation and experimentation, where there is a time, a shape and an activity for every body experience. We look to feel and resignify every moment in space. That is the reason why improvisation will be the main axis of the class. Our personal universe will be the means to experiment. We will bring different movement languages such as contemporary, urban, natural (Parkour), circus and folk to develop and enrich the individual research.

We encourage a written approach of the actions and reactions that come out of each experience during the workshop.

MOVIMIENTO CONSTANTE is presence, construction, destruction, relation, production. It is a democratic state of the body.


. Finding efficient and instant ways to enter the CONSTANT MOVEMENT state.
. Awakening the memory of what has lived and lives within us.
. Being autodidact.
. Promoting trust as an action engine (with self, each other and the group). . Approaching movement from different techniques and languages.
. Finding and developing a hybrid body.
. Developing ways to combine different forms of movement.


Juan Jesús Guiraldi is director, dancer and teacher. His research has to do with the function and experimentation of diverse movement languages. Being in motion. Create a space, weaving experiences with people and places. Include and feel included, learn from each other and oneself, creating and remembering spaces to evolve and revolutionise movement.

He is the director of the artistic platform MOVIMIENTO CONSTANTE, formed by Una Constante company, the movement formation E.M.E. (Movement Experimentation Specialisation) and Festival Constante. In addition he is teacher in PeiMei's professional interpreter career and Dance&Move's Street Dance career, director and performer in the research and performing company "Una Constante". He performed with several groups and companies such as: Ballet Folklórico Municipal San Isidro, Compañía Mitimaes, Compañía Andante, Grupo Coreográfico el Aleph, Combinado Argentino de Danza (C.A.D.). In addition he worked under Gerardo Litvak's direction in "Criollo"'s research process.

In 2017 Jesús Guiraldi participated in the dance competition Rhythm is a dancer at the ImPulTanz Festival, where he won the first prize.

Since 2016 he travels as a researcher and teacher in different countries such as: South Africa, Spain, France, Ireland, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Austria, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay.

In 2018 he will be teaching at ImPulsTanz dance festival in Vienna.

Website: movimiento constante



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