Mirror - Women on women

Oct 12 2017 18:00 - 21:30

POCKO Gallery, King Henry's Walk, N1 4NH London

“A woman must continually watch herself. She is almost continually accompanied by her own image of herself. Whilst she is walking across a room or whilst she is weeping at the death of her father, she can scarcely avoid envisaging herself walking or weeping. From earliest childhood she has been taught and

persuaded to survey herself continually. And so she comes to consider the surveyor and the surveyed within her as the two constituent yet always distinct elements of her identity as a woman.” John Berger, Ways of Seeing

First published in 1972, these words hold truth today as they did forty five years ago. This exhibit explores the relationship between the woman as a viewer and as a subject of photography. By capturing photographs of women, including themselves, the artists explore the female body as a medium for expressing identity, and telling a story of individual and collective experience. Rather than being passive subjects and surveyors of photography, these artists engage issues of gender identity and politics through the medium photography.

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