Jun 08 2018 15:00 - Jun 10 2018 16:00

Southcote Avenue, Southcote Ave, PO20 8EY Chichester

Abi’s honesty and clarity are a breath of fresh air, along with her cracking sense of humour. I’ve always had deep respect for inspiring teachers, of which Abi is one of them. She is super awesome! Sarah Enderby, Kent.

Are you tired of trying to be someone, someone you don’t even know? Someone that leaves you feeling confused, unfulfilled and lost in this world of social media competitiveness? Are you tired, unhappy with the person you see in the mirror and disconnected with friends and family?

What if there was a way for you to start understanding YOU? Of learning what it is you need to be happy? Where you’re connected to your strength - mentally, physically and spiritually? How would it be for you to embody your unique power?

Join me - Abi Adams, Movement & Mind Mentor and 6 other women for an intimate 2.5 day retreat in the beautiful coastal town of Chichester (2 hours from London). Here, with the ocean breeze in your hair and women singing from your same hymn sheet supporting you, you’ll be inspired to get off your arse and onto your hands, feet, back, front, and side - to challenge your movement and everything you believe yourself to be. And through this physical movement, you’ll uncover parts of yourself that you’d forgotten about.

For 2.5 days we’ll live by the beach, our days consisting of yoga (Budokon, Vinyasa and Ying), runs to the beach, progression strength training to support your yoga practice (Calisthenics), learning why we react to life the way we do as we understand how we were raised and the blueprint it left, all supported with organic food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks included and freshly made on site) cooked up by our amazing plant based chef Rachel Dring of Crop Drop. Guided meditations will close our days empowerment, leading to a restorative nights sleep.

You’ll leave this workshop feeling empowered, inspired and tapped into the uniqueness of what makes you, YOU.

£395 per person all inclusive (including accommodation).


GBP 395.00 + GBP 11.99 fee