Mind Body Transformation Retreat - SOLD OUT

Apr 27 2018 15:00 - Apr 29 2018 16:00

Southcote Ave, PO20 8EY Chichester

"Meeting Abi has completely changed the way I move and think, and my relationship to my menstrual cycle. I cancelled my personal trainer and now move with Abi every week as I just can't live without her"! Amalie Silver, Wanstead, East London.

Have you had enough of feeling unhappy with the person you see in the mirror? Are you not lovin’ the person you find inside those clothes of yours? Bored with always returning to bad eating habits that leave you feeling heavy, bloated and mentally zapped? You’re tired of feeling tired, overwhelmed by life and the many obstacles it seems to throw at you.

What if I told you that there’s a way to get your hands on a version of YOUR life where you’re happy in your own skin? Where you’re connected to your strength - mentally, physically and spiritually? How would it feel to embody your own unique power?

Join me – Abi Adams, Movement & Mind Mentor, and 6 other women, for an intimate 2.5 day retreat, in the beautiful coastal town of Chichester (2 hours from London). Here, with the ocean breeze in your air, you’ll be inspired to get off your arse and onto your feet, hands, back, front, and side - to challenge your movement and everything you believe yourself to be. And through this physical movement, you’ll uncover parts of yourself that you’d forgotten about.

This retreat is designed all around you, to help you shine. You’ll be supported to grow and rise into the dynamic individual that you are. Because inside of you, there’s a part of you that wants to be expressed. And we’ll find out exactly what that is, and how to bring her (aka YOU), out into the world.

For 2.5 days we’ll live next to the beach, and our days will consist of yoga (Budokon, Kundalini, Ying), runs to the beach, calisthenics (strength training), hormone education and menstrual cycle awareness (do you suffer with PMS and any other forms of menstrual tension?), organic food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all included), and guided meditations to complete our days of empowerment.

This I know – as women we’ve allowed ourselves to hide our potential for too long. But the time is now to come into your power. You’ll leave feeling rooted and strong and tapped into the uniqueness of what makes you, YOU.

Book two places for £600, or one person for £350. Message Abi abi@abiadams.co.uk.

General Admission

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