Apr 06 2018 15:40 - Apr 20 2018 14:00

Barclays, 1 Churchil Place, London

April represents the month of the Micro Tyco challenge. We, Team 10, wanted to do something a little different with a focus on celebration and recognition – introducing MicroMe. Over the next month we will be selling bespoke Barclays Lego models designed around the recipient, as well as exclusive ‘Knights of the Values’ models. The models can be purchased to show your appreciation for a colleague, celebrate a special occasion, or simply to brighten up your desk!

If you would like to purchase a MicroMe follow these steps:

  1. Choose type 1 (classic) or type 2 (knight of the values) – they are being sold as tickets.
  2. Follow the instructions on the site to customise and pay.
  3. Delivery is within 5 working days

Whatever you choose to do with your MicroMe you can rest assured that whilst adding a cool object to you or your colleague’s desk, you have also helped out a fantastic cause! WildHearts Group have transformed over 200,000 lives across the globe. They believe that business can be used as a force for good, and use their profits to provide entrepreneurial education and micro-finance to poor entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Help us support this fantastic project through MicroMe. We look forward to seeing countless plastic replicas of the great people that make Barclays tick!

Type 1 (Classic)

Not Available

Type 2 (Barclays Values)

Not Available