Mezze/Mezedes/Supra: feasting from the Middle East to Georgia

Sep 06 2017 19:00 - 23:00
Tickets GBP 22.00
Tickets GBP 22.00

Mezze/Mezedes/Supra: Feasting from the Middle East to Georgia is a supperclub hosted by the Peckham Pelican every Wednesday of September.

After last year's success with Jordanian Nights at the same venue, we decided to come up with a new, more adventurous supperclub which is a culinary journey from Arabia to the Caucasus, passing through the middle east and the Balkans. The food will be shared by the guests, just like it is usually served in those areas under different names: mezze, mezedes, supra and so on.

The first Wednesday, we will cook a middle eastern inspired dinner which will be followed by two Wednesdays of a more itinerant nature, where there will be middle eastern, Balkan and Georgian influences. The first three weeks will be entirely vegetarian. The last week will be completely dedicated to Georgian food and will feature one meat dish among many vegetarian 'starters'.

The menu for the first week is as follows:

Home-made bread

Carrot and cucumber pickles

Halloumi, date, rocket and lime salad with roasted almonds.

Baba ganoush with barberries

Roast cauliflower with tahini sauce, samphire and pomegranate seeds

Whipped feta with dukkah and cherry tomatoes

Courgettes stuffed with turmeric rice, blue raisins, dill and parsley in an orange and tomato sauce.


Muhallabia: almond milk pudding with spiced nuts.

We hope that our passion for food, our roots, interests, travels and memories will be reflected in this project which is a celebration of our friendship.

Marco, David and Nana trained at Honey and Co and are now working in different restaurants, but still enjoy cooking together!

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Mezze/Mezedes/Supra: feasting from the Middle East to Georgia

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